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The Weakend

Hey look another post!  I’m not using this thing near as much as I thought I would, but hey, what do you want from me? I’m lazy.

That said, while surfing around the net, seeing whats what in the local music scene as I often do, I saw a post from the Crofoot saying that this Fridays The Weakend Reunion show has sold out.  Wow.  Im taken back by this because, I like many of the other old guys still playing in bands today, remember when I first got into the scene, and how a typical Friday or Saturday hall show would be packed simply because the scene was so strong.  I’ve told this story dozens of times, but I remember the first show I went to where I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that this was where I wanted to be.  I was with my brother Nathan, and he took me to hall show featuring Fordirelifesake, Boys Night Out, Before I Go, One Hump Chump, and (If i remember correctly) Forever Ending. The show was insane.  I had already been playing music by this point (mostly our own shows separate from other bands), but I never knew that such a place existed, and had existed for so long, and that this was something I could be apart of, but here it was right in front of me. I guess I was a late bloomer.  I remember that there were so many kids there that the merch tables were pressed up against the walls to make more room for people and the merch guys were sitting on top of the tables because there was simply no room behind them.  Now granted, the line-up was pretty stellar, but keep in mind that boys night out wasnt signed yet, they were just a band from canada.  This was a typical local show.

Fast forward 10 years.  The scene has died and come back, just to die again and reinvent itself again.  Shows are rarely booked in halls anymore, and instead of bands splitting door profits, bands are now required in most cases to sell tickets making a measly $2 for every $10 sold.  In other words the days of packed house local shows are few and far between these days and only a few bands can really draw in significant numbers.  One of the bands that came out of that thriving scene was the Weakend.  They dominated the local area for years, packing shows with kids who knew every word to every song, who would fight to the front of the crowd just to sing along with them.  I was one of them.  With the disbanding of so many great local acts (fordirelifesake, alucard, only in movies, plus tons more) the weakend also eventually saw their end, and almost fittingly so did the scene. 

Now, 4 years since they last played, this band who most young kids who are rebuilding the scene have probably never even heard of, let alone seen, is playing at the Pike room.  AND IT SOLD OUT.  thats 300+ tickets sold, in presale.  To put that in perspective, I recently played with Emery (Tooth and nail records) at the pike room.  A band who was a huge influence on so many people over the years, and the place was just barely 3/4 full.  Thats even after door sales.  The Weakend have outdone a nationally established act, without seemingly lifting a finger.  Im sure thats an understatement, but they didnt even make a flyer for the show to spread around.  It wasnt even announced until very recently that Wilson was opening for them.  All it was, was a facebook event, a small inch x inch add in the paper and word of mouth of a show with only one band.  If there was more, fine, but i havent seen anything.

I suppose my amazement doesnt come from the show being big, but more from it being still this big after all this time.  Ive heard people say that the bands that existed 5-6 years ago had a distinct “Detroit Sound”, maybe thats it?  and if so, do no bands nowadays have that anymore? Would a band like the Weakend do well now if they were just starting out? I wonder.

I guess what it really proves is that the scene is not dead. 

Far from.  Just seems like people are waiting for something to react to.

Hello tumblr world.

so i guess this is where i spill my thoughts and people tell me if im crazy or not?  awesome.  if thats the case them be prepared for lots of typo’s and randomness.  typo’s not because im dumb, but because i go so fast i often dont proof read.  oh well.

It’s funny how i always thought tumblr was different.  not sure what i thought it was, but here it ends up just being a glorified livejournal.   you mean the place on the interwebs i spent so much of my highschool life? 

sign me up.